10+ Weight Watchers Appetizers Freestyle With Points – Best Weight Watchers Snacks

We often focus on main meals but forget the smaller ones that leads to weight gain. Appetizers or snacks are as important as your lunch, breakfast and dinner.

Small portions of your favorite cookies taken in snacks can add on 200-400 calories that you were trying to restrict in your main meals.

Therefore, you need to be very particular about the appetizer part so that you can have a perfect weight watcher menu. Today I have brought you quick, easy and best weight watchers appetizers with points to add in your daily menu. So, let’s have a look!

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Here’re My 10 Favorite Weight Watchers Appetizers List:

10. Dorito Taco Salad:

Smartpoints: 5

Having a Doritos packet at your home? Go try this recipe without wasting another second!

Found: here

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9. Nachos Supreme:

Smartpoints: 6

A crispy treat for you and your family within just 6 Smartpoints sounds really astounding. Add more of seasonal vegetables to make it a healthier option than ever!

Found: here

8. Oven Roasted Apple Slices:

Smartpoints: 3

Oven roasted fresh apple slices with a twist of cinnamon and honey tastes brilliant with your regular coffee. It is a 3 point dessert you can have guilt-free.

Found: here

7. Baked Chocolate, Almond and Cranberry Wontons:

Smartpoints: 3

Here is an amazing sweet tart duo recipe dressed with almond, cranberries and chocolate. You can try some other combinations such as chopped cashews, chocolate chips and cranberries.

Found: here

6. Cauliflower Poppers (Weight Watchers)

Smartpoints: 0

Zero points for this weight watcher recipe. Add your favorite herbs and spices to make it more tempting and delicious and the amazing part is you can have it within no time and very less preparation.

Found: here

5. Peanut Butter Balls:

Smartpoints: 2

Substituting your chocolate balls with these healthy peanut butter balls can be a great step towards your fitness. And the amazing part is you are making it at your home so you know that it does not contain any Trans fat.

Found: here

4. Gluten-Free Black Bean Blender Brownies:

Smartpoints: 3

Flourless gluten free brownies are an amazing way to overcome your chocolate cravings. You can serve it to your children and family too without thinking about its extra calories.

Found: here

3. Cheesecake Strawberries (Low Weight Watcher Points + Recipe):

Smartpoints: 2

Cheesecakes are delicious but their high calorie and fat content stops me to have them. But not anymore this weight watcher recipe helps me to have them anytime guilt-free.

Found: here

2. Weight Watchers Banana Bread Recipe:

Smartpoints: 4

Who doesn’t like to have their favorite banana bread with a hot cup of coffee of cozy winter evenings? Well, now you can have it without feeling bad for your diet with just 4 points per serving!

Found: here

1. Baked Zucchini Fries (Weight Watchers):

Smartpoints: 2

Zucchini is a new super food that tastes delicious in any form. You might not feel bad about leaving your favorite potato fries for this crispy baked zucchini fries with just 1 Smartpoints! Take some fresh zucchini and slice it into large pieces and get it baked in your oven for tasty healthy treat.

Found: here

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