7 Weight Watchers Salads With Points – Salad Dressing Recipes

Weight watchers are always helpful and guide me well when I am on a diet. These freestyle points are associated with the amount of saturated fats and carbohydrates we are taking in a recipe. By keeping an eye on these Smartpoints I can manage my meals the way I want.

Today I have decided to mention my favorite weight watchers salad recipes along with their Smartpoints. Now you might be thinking why you require weight watchers points for a salad because it is already healthy.

Then let me clear it to you most of the salads we eat are dressed up with heavy dressings that makes them a big no while dieting.  So, it becomes very important to choose well!

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Here’re My 7 Favorite Weight Watchers Salads:

1. Dorito Taco Salad:

Smartpoints: 4

Doritos might be your favorite snack but what about having it in form of a salad with just 4 smartpoints? Feels amazing! Here is a Doritos salad recipe made with your favorite Doritos and all the nutrient dense vegetables to keep you full for a longer duration in the easiest tasty way.

Found: here

2. Easy Taco Salad:

Smartpoints: 8

This salad has been always a yummy treat for me and my family. We enjoy it while watching our favorite Netflix series or a soccer match. You can try it too! All you need is colorful bell peppers, lettuce, cilantro, tomatoes, and cheddar cheese and baked tortilla chips.

Found: here

3. Chicken Salad:

Smartpoints: 1

Who does not want to have an easy and delicious chicken salad everyday? Well, I enjoy it a lot and hope you like it too! It is a versatile recipe that you can have it either with a fork, spoon or add it as a filling in your sandwich or sub.

Found: here

4. Deli Crab Salad:

Smartpoints: 5

Deli crab salad is weight watcher recipe that can help you to achieve an ideal body weight really quick. In short this salad is a bowl full of flavors you won’t get bored of. All you need is good crab meat, sour cream, seasonings and macaroni noodles.

Found: here

5. Tuna and Egg Salad:

Smartpoints: 2

High in protein, this recipe is perfect for gym freaks. Even if you don’t go to gym, this recipe can fulfill good amount of your daily protein within very less calories. I usually have it alone and add it as a filling for the sandwiches for my kids’ Tiffin box. It tastes delicious in both ways.

Found: here

6. Teriyaki Chicken with Broccoli Salad:

Smartpoints: 6

Teriyaki chicken mixed with flavorful spices and my all time favorite broccoli tastes amazingly delicious. With just 6 Smartpoints it is an amazing side dish to present at family dinner.

Found: here

7. Chicken Cabbage Stir-Fry Salad:

Smartpoints: 1

Low in calories and high in vital nutrients, cabbage is a fiber rich plant source that goes very well with chicken in this recipe. To enhance the nutritive value and taste you can preferably add colorful bell peppers, broccoli or delicious red carrots.

Found: here

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