Creamy Garlic Parmesan Chicken Recipe

Who can deny a creamy, garlicy chicken for dinner? This chicken recipe is a keeper by all means.

This creamy garlic parmesan chicken is extremely easy, comes together in a jiffy and sinfully delicious. It has a velvety creamy texture and is perfect to adorn your dinner table.

This recipe can also be handy when you have unannounced or unexpected guests for dinner. All you need to have ready is your chicken breasts cut into half. From preparation to your table in just 30 minutes.

Equipment needed:

  • Bowls
  • Skillet
  • Spoon/ spatula

Creamy garlic parmesan chicken

  • Time for preparation: 10 minutes
  • Cooking time: 20 minutes
  • Calories: 457 Cal
  • Protein: 31 grams


  • Chicken breasts cut in half (lengthwise) – 2
  • Chicken broth or dry white wine – ½ cup
  • Flour – 1 tablespoon
  • Olive oil – 1 tablespoon
  • Butter – 1 tablespoon
  • Heavy/ whipping cream – 1 cup
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Garlic powder – ½ teaspoon
  • Garlic – 3 cloves (minced)
  • Parmesan cheese – ½ cup(Freshly grated cheese is recommended)


  1. Take 2 chicken breasts and cut in to half lengthwise. This way you will have 4 thin pieces.
  2. Now marinate the chicken by sprinkling generous amount of salt and pepper and ½ teaspoon garlic powder on it.
  3. Place a skillet over medium high heat. Add olive oil to this and let it heat.
  4. Once the skillet is heated enough, place the marinated chicken in it and cook it for about 5-6 minutes on each side or till it is done (For the chicken to be cooked completely it takes about 10-12 minutes).
  5. Once the chicken is done, remove from heat and transfer it to a plate and wrap it with an aluminum foil to keep it warm.
  6. Place the skillet on medium high heat again. Add 1 tablespoon flour and 3 cloves of minced garlic. Make sure the skillet is warm before you add these. Let this cook for a minute or till the flour turns a bit golden. Keep stirring. It shouldn’t stick to the bottom of the skillet. Now add ½ cup chicken broth or dry white wine. Keep whisking the broth to avoid formation of lumps. Let the broth reduce to half.
  7. Add the cream and let it boil for a couple of minutes. Cook it till it reaches your desired consistency.
  8. Remove the skillet from the heat and add in the parmesan cheese and stir till it melts completely in the sauce.
  9. Now put the chicken back into this skillet and spooning the sauce from the sides pour it on the chicken.
  10. Garnish it with freshly cut parsley and season it with salt and pepper.
  11. Serve hot with rice or your choice of bread or mash potatoes.

Tips and tricks:

  • You can make use of chicken thighs in place of chicken breasts.
  • Grated parmesan cheese is recommended for this recipe as it melts easily and quickly.
  • You are free to try this recipe with low fat cream but the sauce may not as thicker as desired.
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