Yoga For Beginners: 6 Must-Know Tips

yoga for beginners

We can see that people these days are so much into yoga than any other form of exercise as not only it is good for the body but also for the mind.

You can see that there is a huge demand for yoga not only in older people but also among the youngsters!

But here is the catch, yoga poses may seem easy only until we try performing one.

The poses are only effective when you are ready to give all it takes.

Especially in the case of beginners, there are a few tips you need to follow in your yoga sessions.

Keep reading to find out the 6 Simple Must-Know Yoga Tips for beginners.

6 Must-Know Yoga Tips

1. Know Why You Need to Practice Yoga 

You might think of joining a yoga class for fun or just because any of your friends are joining, but remember that practicing yoga needs effort and dedication.

Read books or articles online to get an idea of yoga, know-how practicing yoga can benefit your health. Learn about the benefits yoga can provide to your body and mind.

After reading these you might find a reason to enroll in a yoga class, but the thing is – yoga has several forms like ashtanga yoga, power yoga, Iyengar yoga, etc.

So decide on what kind of yoga is most suitable to you and which one interests you the most. Search for a good yoga teacher and talk to them about your interests or concerns. They might help you if you are unable to decide on what form of yoga you need to practice.

Pro Tip: Make sure you never miss trying out the demo class.

2. Get Your Essentials

Get prepped up before you attend your first yoga session. Buy the essentials items you need for your yoga class like a yoga mat, yoga clothes, water bottle, etc.

A sticky mat will be a good choice for yoga beginners as they often have problems while balancing the poses and might get muscle cramps and sprains. The sticky mat can help you in balancing your body, so it is a good choice to invest in it.

Buy clothes that are specifically designed for yoga. Choose medium intensity sports bras, stretchable pants or leggings, fitted tops that stay on and do not dig into your body.

You can also carry a face or towel if you tend to sweat more or if you are going to a hot yoga class.

Carry bottled water to stay hydrated. Most of the classes these days provide other essential items like yoga straps, blocks, bolster and blankets. Yoga mats are also provided but it is best and hygienic if you carry your mat!

3. Practice Regularly

You can never be fit or achieve desired results if you are irregular at practicing yoga. Do not see it as any other boring work, make it a part of your day and as a lifestyle.

Start your day with yoga and you can be refreshed throughout the day. An early morning yoga routine can be very beneficial to relieve the stress on your mind and body.

  • As little as 15 minutes of yoga each day is more beneficial than an hour of an infrequent yoga session.

You need a lot of discipline to practice yoga regularly. Get used to the basic poses before you jump into the hard ones.

You might want to try out a headstand at the beginning itself but it is nearly impossible as your body needs time to get the flexibility, balance, and strength. Practice yoga regularly and patiently – you can do it!

4. Respect your body’s limits :

You can see your yoga teacher doing poses that are hard for you to do in the early stages. Pushing yourself and indulging yourself to perform your pose is good, but remember not to push yourself so hard that you end up with injuries.

Yoga teachers are very much experienced and the other yoga practitioners around you might be practicing yoga for months or years.

Unable to perform like them does not mean you are incompetent. Your body has certain limits in the beginning and they are to be slowly pushed away which can be done through regular practice.

Never compare yourself to others. If you tend to compare yourself – join in a ‘beginners class’. Do not take yoga as a competition or sport.

  • Remember to practice ‘ahimsa’, which means causing no harm to your body while practicing yoga.

Include breathing exercises like meditation. You get to learn a lot about healthy breathing while practicing yoga. It helps in oxygenating your body and reducing stress.

Talk to your trainer about the poses you need to avoid practicing while you are on your pregnancy, period or if you have any other injuries or underlying problems.

5. Maintain a healthy lifestyle :

It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle while you practice yoga. Now a healthy lifestyle does not imply only to a healthy diet, it also includes your outlook towards life.

Keeping your mind at peace is the ultimate goal in life. Do not respond to negative people and avoid yourself from staying in negative situations.

Maintain a positive attitude towards life and stay in a positive environment. Surround yourself with people who feel happy seeing your growth.

Yoga is not only about fitness but also the overall development of yourself physically, mentally and spiritually.

Try to eat light before you practice yoga and cut down your caffeine, sugar and alcohol intake. Eat more natural foods like fruits, vegetables, and seeds instead of processed foods.

Maintain a journal in which you can write down your daily works or experiences.

6. Warm up and cool down :

It is important to warm up your body before you practice yoga poses to avoid any sore muscles.

Warm-up if you arrive early to your class and never forget to practice cool down poses like savasana before you end your session.

It is a resting pose (corpse pose), where you just lie down on the floor or mat and relax for 5-15 minutes. You can perform it for as much time as you feel as it is essential to relax all your muscles. Enjoy it and slowly get back to sitting position.

Choose a good spot for yourself before you practice any of the yoga poses. You can modify your posture while practicing yoga with the use of blocks or belts.

Don’t rush into any pose without proper guidance and do not skip savasana at any cost. This is also called Yoga Nidra and helps in recharging your body and mind.

Important Tips

Always respect your yoga teacher and listen to what they have to say. Maintain class etiquette by arriving on time or early, keeping your phone in silent mode and respecting others’ mat space.

Be friendly with your fellow yogis and help them with poses if needed. Stay motivated and be patient enough to see the progress for yourself.

Practice one step at a time and hold your posture for the right amount of time.

Do not overdo any pose and if you feel extreme discomfort then get back to basic poses like child pose or mountain pose. Keep your spirits up and retry the poses that you have failed until you master them.

I hope you find my 6 Must to know Yoga beginner tips helpful and going to apply it in your life.

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