10 Weight Loss Smoothies Recipes – Fat Burning Low Carb Smoothies for Flat Belly

weight loss smoothies recipesSmoothies are a great option for all those ladies who are always in a hurry. As smoothies help you to gulp all the essential nutrient in one single glass. Our today’s article is based upon such smoothies that are high in nutritive value and low in calorie content to make you slim down in Flash.

How to make these weight loss smoothies?

Once you will read all the recipes, you will find out that eating healthy is not at all a tough job. Our today’s recipes are not only easy to make but are light on your grocery budget. Eating healthy is a great choice but it can be quite expensive.

To cut that extra cost from your budget we have made sure to include those ingredients that are easily available in the market and are not too costly.

Coming onto the equipment, for making these super healthy smoothies, you just require a blender, few spoons, a knife, and your smoothie glass.

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10 Weight Loss Smoothies Recipes:

We have added a lot many options to choose from. These smoothies are ideal for weight loss and can be consumed by breastfeeding mothers too. So, let’s start without wasting any single second:

1. Beet Detox Smoothie:

Found on Ilonas Passion

Detox smoothies are perfect for the people who want to shed up their belly fat.

Adding beets into the detox smoothies can be very helpful as they are high in potassium, fiber, folate, and Vit C. Beets make this smoothie a very good option for all the breastfeeding moms over here. Vit C helps you to fight sickness and fiber keeps you full for a longer duration.

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2. French Toast Breakfast Smoothies:

Found on Dashing Dish

I know it’s about weight loss smoothies, but trust me this smoothie is for weight loss only! Containing 180 calories this smoothie is just amazing in taste and is a brilliant meal replacement option. It is not compulsory that weight loss food needs to be boring and tasteless.

I have kept it as a dessert option to be consumed at night to get over my sweet tooth.

3. Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Shake:

Found on Cooking Classy

I love this flavorful smoothie blended with my all three favorite flavors of chocolate, peanut butter, and banana. I don’t find any better combination than chocolate and peanut butter. Plus adding banana into it is just like icing on the cake. You can add up almond milk to make it more rich and thick.

4. Pineapple Spinach Smoothies:

Found on Culinary Hill

Green smoothies are perfect for weight loss. But what takes you away from it? Most of the people think that it will be bad in taste. Believe me, I had the same perception as you have but when I tasted this pineapple spinach smoothie it just changed my mindset. The balanced flavor of pineapple and spinach made a wonderful combination and I am sure you will relish it in the way I did!

5. Pineapple Smoothies with Banana:

Found on Savory Tooth

Pineapple contains an enzyme that works great on belly fat. Made with 5 easily available ingredients it feels amazing on taste buds.

Calorie content is a little bit high but it proves to be an excellent recipe in terms of weight loss as well as for overall health improvement.

6. Banana Oatmeal Smoothie:

Found on Adaily Smoothie

If you are looking forward to another flavorful weight loss smoothies with some easy ingredients then you can stop over here!

This banana oatmeal smoothie is made from all the simple ingredients you would be having at your home. Loaded with blueberries, oats, and banana it is an ideal breakfast meal replacement.

Blueberries are high in antioxidants that protect you from harmful cancer-causing substance around you. Oats are high in fiber content that helps you to stay full for a longer period. Banana added in it makes it thick and richer. Other than these ingredients, this smoothie contains Greek yogurt to add good bacteria to your gut health. What else you want for healthy morning breakfast!

7. Grapefruit Citrus Ginger Smoothie:

Found on Natalies health

We need not to explain why this smoothie is on our list. Grapefruit is known as one of the best ingredients if you are trying to lose weight. Moreover, ginger is a metabolism enhancer that helps to burn up calories at a higher rate than normal.

I usually really like the flavor of ginger in my food and having it in my smoothie makes it more enjoyable for me. Ginger is also a natural appetite suppressor that helps to curb your hunger and keeps you full for a longer period.

8. Layered Mix Berry Green Power Smoothie:

Found on Wholeandheavenlyoven

Don’t know about the flavor but I am sure you will feel to grab this smoothie after looking at its double Decker look. The first layer of the smoothie is made with finely blended blueberries & raspberries and the topmost layer contains the wholesomeness of mango and kiwi.

And the best thing is that you can add your protein powder to enhance its nutritive value. If you are looking for an ideal drink for your summer pool party then you can fully rely on this frozen fruits smoothie without adding your protein in it.

9. Nut Lovers Cashew Date Smoothie:

Found on Down Shiftology

As suggested by the name this smoothie is for our nut lovers over here. The glimpse of this smoothie made me to relate it with my favorite Starbucks drink. This smoothie contains dates that are a wonderful ingredient to keep you full for a long time due to its high fiber content.

This is a brilliant option for my dairy-free viewers over here because you can have it without adding any extra milk, yogurt or cream. So what are you waiting for!

10. Tripe Berry Kiwi Smoothie:

Found on The Pretty Bee

The last recipe on our list is one of the most astonishing recipes I have made that tends to be a brilliant immunity booster. You can drink it anytime to charge up your immunity cells. Low in calories, this drink is an overloaded nutrient source for you and your family.

Since we know, pregnancy lowers the capability of cells to fight against infections; this recipe can help our breastfeeding mothers in a lot many ways.

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So, this was all about our weight loss smoothies. Feeling like trying them all? Then go ahead and take out your pen and write all the ingredients on your grocery list so that you don’t miss any of them. And please don’t forget to share your experience with us!

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