7 Keto Salmon Recipes – Low Carb Salmon Recipes For Ketogenic Diet

Are you surfing for some very delicious keto salmon recipes? Then you shall stop over here because I have got a lot of options for you!

Whether it’s baked or grilled or dressed up in a salad, salmon tastes delicious and is loaded with essential fatty acids such as omega 3. Apart from this, it is extremely delicious and easy to cook which makes it the first option for the ketogenic moms who are always in a hurry.

To stay is ketosis you need to make sure that the food you are having is good source of fats and protein and is nil in carbohydrates, just like these very tasty salmon recipes!

I always like to experiment with different recipes so that I don’t get bored even if I am on diet. And today I am enlisting my top favorite keto salmon recipes that are cheap, consume less time and are 100% family approved.

Have a Look at 7 Easy Keto Salmon Recipes:

1. Baked Salmon with Coconut Red Curry Sauce:

Here is a simple yet delicious salmon baked in red curry sauce recipe. You can prepare this meal in less than 30 minutes with some sautéed spinach and low carb cauliflower- quicker than your pizza delivery boy!

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2. Salmon with Lemon Garlic Cream Sauce:

Don’t feel like cooking and want to have something easy and quick? How about having a creamy garlic salmon on your dinner table in just 201 minutes? Made with very few ingredients this is the easiest recipe you can make with just one skillet. Means no dishwashing!

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3. Easy Keto Salmon Cakes:

Here is the recipe just for the moms who are always in a hurry to leave for their office. You can just prepare them in 15 minutes and store them in refrigerator for quick meals at home. I personally love the awesome taste of avocado cream that makes the cake juicier and rich.

Found: here

4. Pan-Seared Salmon with Creamy Avocado Sauce:

Salmon served with some avocado sauce sounds so astounding! The cream and olive oil makes the avocado sauce thicker and richer. Add on some basil to turn it into a well balanced pesto sauce. P.S. don’t forget to make some extra sauce as it tastes good with everything.

Found: here

5. Asparagus, Lemon, and Basil Ricotta Stuffed Salmon Rolls:

Who does not likes to have stuffed salmon roll? Even my kids are big fan of this recipe and want this every weekend. This recipe makes sure to include the very healthy asparagus and other veggies that somehow enhance the taste very well.

Found: here

6. Creamy Garlic Butter Tuscan Salmon:

The creamy texture and awesome flavor makes this recipe loved by kids. Parmesan cheese, sun dried tomatoes and spinach make this recipe more delicious and rich. Make sure to leave some juice in oan after searing the fillets and get some extra flavors.

Found: here

7. Oven Roasted Parmesan Mayo Salmon:

Here is a recipe for the mother’s who want to cook something easy and delicious with least efforts. All you need is parmesan cheese, some mayonnaise and you favorite salmon fish. This recipe teaches you to make perfect mayonnaise at home with different oils and acids including lemon, lime or apple cider vinegar and some very special herbs.

Found: here

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