7 Keto Lunch Ideas – Low Carb Lunch Ideas On The Go

Keto is not a food fad it’s a lifestyle modification that will help you stay healthy while leaving all the bad carbs aside.

We all are well aware that it is quite hard to stick to your diet when everybody around you (the colleagues) is pushing you to have a pack of chips or to order a pizza for lunch!

If you too are struggling to maintain your ketosis and avoiding all the unhealthy options surrounding you all day long, then here am I to help you!

Today I have got very easy and delicious low carb lunch ideas for whole week that can be prepared ahead for time and you can take them along for work.

All these recipes can be made from home available ingredients and you can prepare them in weekends and store for whole week in freezer.

7 Keto Lunch Ideas:

1. Cheddar-Wrapped Taco Rolls (Keto, Grain Free):

What about having some delicious taco rolls for lunch?

Here is a clever recipe that serves you low carb; grain free keto taco rolls on the go! All you have to do is prepare them ahead for time and pack it for your lunch. However, they are grain free which means you are having them all carb free too!

Found: here

2. Keto Mexican Cauliflower Rice:

Mexican cauliflower rice does not require any introduction. Everyone knows that it is a healthy low carb variation in normal rice with a low carb cauliflower shreds. Make some extra and have it in dinner with keto buffalo chicken meatballs.

Found: here

3. Italian Chicken Meal Prep Bowls:

Here is a meal to impress your colleagues with a hidden talent of cooking such delicious Italian meal at home! it is leaded with colorful veggies that are a perfect low carb source for all the essential vitamins and minerals.

Found: here

4. Easy Shrimp Avocado Salad:

Love salads? We have one more to share with you!

This recipe is especially for the dieters who love to have fancy delicious meals even if they are on a strict diet. Prepared in just 5 minutes, this recipe requires few ingredients such as shrimps, avocadoes, herbs and spices. You can even add some seasonal vegetables!

Found: here

5. Cobb Salad:

This low carb cob salad is just like having a fancy breakfast at lunch. It is made with some very healthy keto options such as bacon, avocado and eggs.

This simple combination is loaded with lots of fats and proteins which makes it a perfect keto meal on the go!

Found: here

6. Sesame Salmon with Baby Bok Choy and Mushrooms:

Salmon again is a very healthy option to have in your keto diet! Loaded with omega 3 and protein it makes your diet even more tasty and nutrient dense.

It is almost like having a restaurant like food in your lunch box!

Found: here

7. Keto Buffalo Chicken Meatballs:

Keto buffalo chicken meatballs are perfect to have in dinner as well as in lunch.

Make some extra for dinner and have it with cauliflower rice to have a satisfying meal without wasting a lot of time and efforts!

Found: here

8. No Bread Italian Sub Roll Ups:

Sub roll without bread sounds something different! Having delicious keto diet shouldn’t be complicated and this recipe is a perfect example for it!

Found: here

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