7 Keto Crackers Recipes – Low Carb Crackers Recipes for Healthy Keto Snacks

Looking for some crispy low carb keto crackers perfect for a ketogenic diet? Then you have come to right place!

Crackers are eventually the tastiest snack you will miss one keto diet!

We all know that the market available traditional crackers are made with refined flours that are very high in carbs and sure shot no for keto diet.

Luckily, I am on a hunt to find the best keto options that are not only delicious but are the perfect replacement for my favorite foods!

So, without wasting any other second, let’s have a look at what I have got for you people!

Let’s See Our 7 Best Keto Crackers Recipes:

1. Keto Butter Crackers:

These butter keto crackers are totally neutral in taste which makes them ideal to have with your favorite keto dip, sauce toppings or spreads. They are crispy and butter and can be made with just 4 simple ingredients. If you love to have your traditional crackers then this is what you need to make in keto diet but without those bad carbs.

Found: here

2. FatHead Crackers:

Here is a keto cracker recipe that is also a perfect fat bomb to stay in ketosis. made in just 20 minutes, per serving of the recipe provides 16 grams of protein, 2 grams of carbohydrates and 17 gram of fats.

Quite sufficient for a keto fat bomb!

Found: here

3. Keto Cheese Bacon Nachos:

This recipe not only makes perfect keto nachos but serves as a brilliant pair with bacon and cheese too!

Easiest of all, it is great in taste and texture. Make sure to make some extra for your family and friends because I bet they will demand more!

Found: here

4. Salt & Pepper Crackers:

It’s hard to find something salty and crispy in evening especially when you are on a keto diet. But look what I found a perfect match for your taste and cravings.

These salt and pepper keto crackers are made with just 4 simple ingredients such as eggs, almond flour, salt and pepper. Being gluten free they are far better than those wheat flour crackers.

Found: here

5. Flax Seed Keto Crackers:

Rich in essential fatty acids, flax seeds are really a miracle for good hair and skin. They are rich in fiber and protein and goes very well in this recipe.

Make some extra and have it while watching your favorite series or movie at home as they are good to store and make ahead for time!

Found: here

6. 3 Ingredient Homemade Almond Crackers:

You just need 3 ingredients to make these delicious low carb crackers at home! All you need to do is collect almond flour, grounded flaxseeds, and half tea spoon sea salt. Mix the ingredients and bake until you get crispy brown almond crackers and serve along with low carb hummus.

Found: here

7. Low Carb Cheese Crackers:

These keto friendly low carb cheese crackers are delicious and crunchy as expected from any crackers.

They can be made with easily available ingredients such as eggs, salt, cream cheese, almond flour and some more cheese!

Moreover, they are quick, easy and versatile that makes them somewhat more special.

Found: here

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