How to Lose Weight if You Weigh 200 lbs or More

ways to lose weight if you weigh over 200 lbs or moreIn this article we are going to talk about 11 exact ways how you can lose weight if you weight 200 lbs or more.

Are you 200 LBS or more?

Our weight often becomes a subject of ridicule, but seldom people realize that their jokes can offend others and lead to low self-esteem.

Most of the morbidly obese people are emotional eaters and curb their loneliness by filling the void with food. It is believed that obesity is not merely because of your love for food or increased appetite; it is because of our perception of us.

Eating junk food or larger portions is a reaction to many things like stress-eating, insecurity, abandonment issues, etc. But it is essential to understand that we can’t hold on to negative incidents of the past and ruin our present.

If you are more than 200lbs then first and the foremost thing is to talk to yourself and understand why you eat what you eat.

Before running on the treadmill, check on the thoughts running in your mind and change your perception about yourself. From hating yourself because you are obese and people make fun of you, try self-love.

See your positive traits and feel proud of yourself; it will not only build your self-esteem but also will heal your past impressions. Most of the time, our emotional traumas or life experiences make us recluse and food becomes our comfort or friend in solitary confinement.

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Here’s what you need to do to lose weight:

1. Heal Your Mind Before Body

Our mind is a storehouse of all the good and bad experiences we go through in life, which ultimately creates our personality.

To lose weight, it is crucial to first heal your mind by releasing the fear of not losing enough weight. Most of the people do not even try because of their fear of failure or because someone in the past told them they couldn’t do it.

Being positive and patient will give results, not fear. Listen to success stories, meditate, and feed yourself positive thoughts. Remember, if we can control our minds, we can change anything and everything.

2. Don’t Kickstart Exercise:

What do we generally do to lose weight? Hit the gym and start working out, but is it safe at this weight?

No, at this point, your joints are too weak to handle your body weight, and rigorous exercise can lead to dislocation. Similarly, there can be other health problems like shortness of breath, lightheadedness, an increase in cravings, mood swings, etc.

  • The safe approach at 200lbs weight is to change eating habits and opt for a 40-minute brisk walk every day.

You can also try yoga as it will not make you breathless and help in increasing flexibility. At this stage, your body is rigid and will take time to become agile; yoga will do that and increase your tolerance level.

3. Opt for Healthy over Crash Diet:

Another mistake is to go on a crash diet. I understand that losing weight has become the goal of your life, but it should be done consistently not by torturing yourself.

In a crash diet, you will lose weight by losing extra water in your body, but your body will crave nutrients. It will lead you to go back to older ways, and you will gain more than you lost.

So, opt for a healthy diet plan which fulfills your requirement of essential nutrients and reduces cravings. Also, make sure your body is hydrated.

  • The best way to beat water retention is by drinking an adequate amount of water so that toxins and excess water is excreted from the system. It will also balance the pH balance of your body.

4. Detox your gut:

Imagine the situation of your stomach with years of toxic food. Our digestion system works hard to process the food, convert it into energy, and release the wasteful substances out of the system.

But, the consumption of junk food and carbonated drinks, it disrupts the system and adversely affects the good bacteria.

Now when you have decided to lose weight, start with the detoxification process. Allow your liver and gut to detoxify, so that toxins are released and the digestive system is restored. It will relieve your major problems like indigestion, bloating, gas, etc. by clearing the gastrointestinal tract.

Eat fibrous food like raw salad and go light on dressing as it will help in removing visceral fat. It is essential to provide roughage to your body.

5. Stop Counting Your Calories:

Our grandparents used to say not to keep a count on food. But modern science believes in measuring everything that goes inside our system. So, what should be done?

The logic behind our ancestor’s approach was that when we count our calories, it makes us cautious, and we don’t enjoy our meals. Some people often feel paranoid when they have to count or keep a tab on the calories on their plates.

It leads to weight gain as the unnecessary pressure leads to portion control, but if there is no immediate weight loss, people eat more than usual. So, at present, when you just began to eat clean, ditch the calorie count but eat healthily.

6. Increase Protein Intake:

Have you noticed that most of the health-conscious people love eggs for breakfast? Eggs are the best source of protein, and it makes you feel fuller.

It is scientifically proven that people who intake the right amount of protein can never overeat and they don’t have junk cravings in comparison to those who don’t eat enough protein.

In reality, our body needs protein 0.36grams of protein per pound, and I can guarantee that 90% of the obese people are malnourished. It is one of the main reasons why you are always hungry and lack energy.

Even if you start eating 200grams of protein, I can assure you that you will feel active, fuller, and lose weight without exercise.

7. Ditch the Carbs:

Did you know that carbs are the real culprit behind the increase in appetite? Yes, it is a scientific fact that carbs like excessive starch and sugar lead to an increase in appetite and weight gain is the byproduct.

According to the studies, our diet should have 40-45% carbs, but if you are planning to lose weight then keep it limited to 20% and yes, it will have positive effects.

Give yourself a 30-day no carbs challenge and let your body take a sigh of relief. Thirty days is enough for your body to heal from the side effects of excess carbs intake, which led to a sluggish metabolism, water retention, and hormonal imbalances.

Are you shocked to know about hormonal imbalance? 90% of the morbidly obese people with weight more than 200lbs are suffering from hormonal imbalance and insulin insensitivity is common.

A low carbohydrate diet will restrict sugar and starch intake that will help your body to regulate insulin levels.

It will also help to improve cholesterol levels by increasing the flow of HDL and controlling LDL. Apart from this, your blood pressure will be normal, after an initial one week, sugar cravings will subside, and your appetite will be less than before.

8. Be Active all Day Long

While hitting the gym is not recommended, but don’t be a couch potato. While your body may not allow strenuous workout, but you should do household chores to stay active.

The general thumb rule is to walk every 20-minutes and after every meal. A common myth amongst weight watchers is that a 2-hour workout every day is enough to lose weight.

  • But the fact is you won’t lose much weight if you are lazy throughout the day and working out for 2-hours. It is essential to be active, so run your errands, cook your food, wash your laundry, and go for a brisk walk.

It will aid in digestion, increase your metabolism, and make your body flexible. At this point, it is vital to increase elasticity in your body, which can be done by stretching exercises.

9. Start Your Day with Lemon Drink:

Are you one of those who start their morning with a cup of tea or coffee? Often people complain that they cannot relieve themselves until they drink a cup of tea or coffee.

It shows that your digestive system is not supporting you, and it’s time to do something before things go out of hand. How about replacing it with a warm lime drink?

No, I am not saying processed lime juice, but the original and traditional remedy for all stomach ailments.

  • Cut and squeeze half a lime in warm water
  • drink it every morning to resolve irritable bowel movement and indigestion.

Once you start drinking this energy drink, your body will start detoxifying. Your liver will work properly; the immune system will strengthen and the pH balance of your body will be restored. It will automatically result in weight loss and higher energy levels.

I will also suggest drinking Apple Cider Vinegar before meals as it is citric and helps in reducing appetite and aids in weight loss. 

10. Water is Elixir:

By now, you have filled your body with carbonated drinks and alcohol, which has made your body dumping ground.

An aerated drink even the diet version is loaded with sugar that may spike the energy level momentarily, but in the long term, it has adversely affected your immune system.

According to studies, often we mistake thirst with hunger and start snacking, so whenever you feel like snacking have a glass of water and it will satisfy you.

Water also keeps the body hydrated, improves the blood circulation by thinning the blood and of course, helps in sweating. So, as an adult drink 10-12 glass of water every day as it will help release toxins and cleanse your system.

11. Discipline is the Key:

Many weight watchers believe in small change significant results approach, but it is not long-lasting and fruitful. Seldom small changes result in extreme weight loss.

You might feel energetic or experience a reduction in cravings, but to lose weight, it is essential to have a total change in lifestyle. Here, the key is discipline.

Most of us are determined in the beginning but soon lose that passion. As soon as we hit the weight plateau or diet becomes repetitive, we switch to old methods.

You need to change your habits to lose weight, so adopt a soldier’s approach. Stick to the plan, eat for survival, and be disciplined. It will help in not only losing weight but from swaying away and feeling guilty about it.

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Important for You

Morbid obesity is not a lost battle instead with smart and consistent practices you will enjoy weight loss. The main problem with obese people is that they lose motivation, resist change, or look for short cuts.

Some people opt for weight loss surgeries as well, but they don’t realize that stapling the stomach will only help if you will zip your mouth. Weight loss is not overnight magic, but a journey that should be taken with patience and determination.

In the beginning, there will be many fallouts, and you will cheat on a diet, but it is essential to come back and start again.

Nowadays, there are many challenges like no sugar challenge, no processed food for 30-days challenge, plank challenge, and many more, that will help you stay on track.

It is important to consult a nutritionist. He/She may prescribe some tests to know the deficiencies in your body and the percentage of visceral fat. Get the tests done and stick to the diet they recommend.

If possible, ask your nutritionist, to book your appointment with a psychologist as he will help you find the root cause of eating patterns and resolve the deep emotional issues.

Last but not least, do not overthink or second guess your decision. Take action towards holistic healing, and create a supportive environment around you, ask your family and friends to support you in your energy rather criticize fallouts. It will help you stay motivated and help you settle in your new lifestyle.

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