How To Lose Thigh Fat Fast: 11 Inner Thigh Fat Removal Tips

get rid of inner thigh fatWant to get rid of thigh fat? Do you want to lose thigh fast fast and easy within in a week? Ok! In this article I will be discussing 11 inner thigh fat removal tips which works really well.

Inner thighs! the stubborn fat zone which gives out our diet secrets away! It’s the inner thighs that tell the excessive calories we are taking, especially in the pear shape body.

Often, the fat deposition in inner thighs is considered the most challenging area to lose fat, and that’s why many trainers use “spot reduction” strategy. But is it effective?

The real question should be, is it even a real deal? According to a study at Yale, there is no such thing as spot reduction.

When our body is losing weight, it doesn’t select a particular area to shed fat first. Or if you are thinking that working on a specific set of muscles or doing specific body workouts will lead to fat loss, then you need to dig in and understand the science behind exercise and fat loss.

We all dream of having toned legs, and when it comes to summers, the beaches and shorts, it all makes one sweat all the more in the gym.

But, inner thighs fat makes us weep silently. What if you were told that having toned thighs is not a dream anymore? What if you could actually wear those cool shorts this summer without paying for spot reduction sessions? If yes, then be ready to get some sore yet toned thighs and legs.

1. Get your diet fixed:

Diet is the core of any weight loss plan. If you want to achieve 360° transformation, then you need to check what goes inside your system.

Bid farewell to process and frozen food, and make space for lean meat in your plate. You must understand that only way to lose inner thigh fat is by reducing the number of calories and ensuring that you eat whole grain rather than empty calories. Use these things to remember to lose weight:

Things to remember:

  • Eat potassium and magnesium-rich food like avocados, beets, white beans, banana etc.
  • Replace high-fat dairy with low fat as it is rich in calcium.
  • Say no to red meat.
  • Check your sugar and salt intake.
  • Bulk up on fibre and protein.

2. Burn calories with cardio:

Beneath that stubborn fat lays the strong but dormant muscles waiting to get a chance to flaunt.

High intense cardio will help not only in boosting stamina but will make you a calorie burning machine. One of the best investments you can do in your weight loss is buying a pair of running shoes and go for a run every day, it gives them time to be in nature and also refrain from the gym.

Other ways of getting cardio in your daily routine are by skipping ropes, swimming, or playing lawn tennis or any active preferably outdoor sport.

It will make you sweat and burn calories overall, thus shrinking your thighs too.

3. Add electrolytes in your diet:

Often people ask me, why I give importance to electrolytes? Is it essential to have electrolytes on a weight loss regime?

The plain and simple answer is yes! Electrolytes help in reducing water retention as they decrease the cravings for salt. When our body gets an adequate amount of potassium, magnesium, or calcium, it will reserve less salt and flush out toxins, thus relieving us from bloating and water retention, leading to weight loss.

The best source of electrolytes is bananas, green veggies, Greek yoghurt, and berries. So be smart about losing thigh fat and eat steamed vegetables and raw fruits twice a day.

4. Strengthen core with yoga:

I can’t stress enough on the importance of yoga and will write another article on the holistic healing through yoga. For weight watchers, who are tired of spot reduction myth, yoga comes to your rescue.

It is a perfect combination of strength training and cardio (depending on your pace).

  • Start with sun salutation sequence and set a goal of 108 rounds, it will be a perfect 40-minute cardio.

If you are looking for strengthening and relaxation, then do Padma Sadhna and other yoga poses with deep breaths. The holds in every posture will work on every group of muscles in your body and strengthen your core, giving you a disciplined and flexible body.

5. Make space for protein in every meal:

Did you know that proteins help in the growth and repair of muscles? The rigorous workout we are doing for a flawless body can make the muscles sore and needs healing.

When we increase the protein intake, our body responds to the healings faster and helps in losing weight at a rapid rate.

If you are on a deadline to lose weight, then fast and safe option is by adding proteins and fibre in your every meal. It will support the hormones, make your body insulin sensitive, and develop lean muscles, giving you a trim and toned body.

6. Dance away your worries:

An entertaining way of losing weight and getting ‘Oh! So toned’ and sexy legs are by dancing. Not only you will learn a few moves to groove on the dance floor, but will also distract you temporarily from the mundane issues and give you the confidence to flaunt your newly toned legs.

Dance is a perfect alternative to running or treadmill, so choose your favorite form of dance and enroll now.

Pro tip: Opt for Zumba, it will make you sweat and give you a killer attitude on the dance floor.

7. Track your calories:

Tracking calories is a debatable issue as many believe that tracking calories are a reminder that you are on a diet and leads to unnecessary pressure.

I, on the contrary, feel differently. If you are aware of your calorie count, it keeps you conscious, and you cheat less on your diet.

According to the census of Disease control and prevention, we should aim for calorie deficit to achieve our weight loss goal.

It means that if you a week’s total consumption is more than total calories burned, then you have calorie excess. Aim for zero while comparing calorie consumption and burnt to achieve a calorie deficit.

8. Develop inner thigh muscles:

I can’t assert enough that spot reduction is not a real thing. But, working on specific muscle groups like adductor muscles help in toning and strengthening the inner thigh muscles.

Whether you opt for yoga or Pilates, it will help build endurance and also help in making the dormant muscles strong.

Opt for lunges, planks, and squats along with strength training for toned outer appearance and development of inner muscles. An added advantage, it will regulate the hormones, get rid of cellulite, and also give a toned belly.

9. Abstain from alcohol:

Did you know alcohol consumption increases the chances of breast cancer four times in comparison to teetotalers? Whether you are drinking a glass of wine every day or beer, your chances of getting stubborn thigh and belly fat increase significantly.

If you have planned on losing weight and getting a ripped body, then alcohol consumption should not even be the last thing on your mind.

If you drink regularly, then limit the consumption as it will slow down the fat loss process as your body will first process and burn down chemicals like acetate in the beer or wine. Also, it contains a lot of sugar that will jeopardize your weight loss plans.

10. Hydrate yourself to heal:

In ancient times, water was considered a natural healer. Even today, Japanese swear by the healing powers of hot water (the main reason behind their petite figure.) Their love for hot water and herbal tea makes them live for a hundred years, while the mortality rate is decreasing in many countries.

So on your weight loss journey, invest on a good alkaline bottle as it serves a dual purpose: one it will remind you to drink water every hour, thus keeping your body hydrated and releasing an excess of toxins.

Second, it will increase the alkaline level in your body. Did you know the amount of acid in our body is directly proportional to the diseases we can get?

Alkaline water will fight against free radicals and regulate the pH balance of our stomach. Thus leading to weight loss and a hospitable environment for good bacteria.

11. Sleep away your stress:

Lastly, our sleep cycle needs to be changed. 80% of our problems can be resolved if we sleep on time.

Even an adult body needs 7-8 hours of sleep, as it’s during the time we are asleep, our body detoxifies, repairs and restores itself.

In fact, the ancient system of Ayurveda has given a detailed study on time duration when our body is undergoing detoxification, repair, and maintenance in sleep mode.  So, have a sound sleep for an active mind and body.

To conclude, our inner thighs are a challenging area but not impossible to deal. It requires persistent efforts and a disciplined lifestyle to witness a significant change i.e., a healthy, lean, and toned inner thighs. So get started and enjoy your transformation process.

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