10+ Ways How to Lose 7-10 Pounds in a Week

ways to lose 10 lbsLets talk about how you can lose 7-10 lbs in a week! Is this really possible? Can you really lose weight in a week? I will answer everything in this article.

Losing weight is not that challenging as it sounds. Most of the people struggling with obesity feel that it is impossible to lose weight or it takes a lot of efforts.

My weight loss journey is evidence that if we work smart and consistently, then, we can lose 7-10 pounds within a week without crunches or lunges. Our processed food diet is good to taste, but we don’t realize that it does more harm than good.

Yes! We get instant cooked food in packages, or business lunch has made life easy, but it has adverse effects on our body. Nowadays, people are struggling with weight issues, fluctuating blood pressure, insulin resistance, and hormonal imbalance more than ever.

But, the good news even if you shed 10% of your current weight, your body will start healing itself and thank you.

So, if your new resolution was to lose weight but you haven’t started yet then now is the time. I have come up with easy steps that will not just help you lose weight but will boost metabolism, improve skin health, alleviate body pains, and make you active.

The key is to be prepared for the small changes and be disciplined for a week to see the results. An added advantage, you don’t have to worry about dehydration or starving. It will be a healthy way of losing weight without starving yourself.

Lets start: How to Lose 7-10 lbs in a week method without Starving Yourself

Step #1. Conscious Eating:

Do you know what is conscious eating? It is a concept that believes in mindful eating as it makes us focused on what we are eating, how much are we eating and thus makes us feel full.

Most of us are unconscious eaters; either we hooked to television or busy striking out a conversation over a date or business. So, we don’t realize the number of calories we are taking and its source.

When we adopt a conscious eating approach, we block all the noises or distractions from our mind and focus on what’s on our plate. It makes us enjoy the art of eating by being in the present moment and also reduces our portion size.

Many people have claimed that they used to ask two-three servings, but since they started mindful eating, they are satisfied with one serving also.

Step #2. Introduce Your System with Fruits and Salad:

Do you know consuming one fruit 30-minutes after you wake up will energize your body? It is true; we are practically fasting for 7-9 hours while we are asleep and the best way to energize is with a healthy drink and a fruit.

  • Start your day with lemon water and 30-minutes later have an apple or any seasonal fruit.

It will give your body a natural form of sugar that will kickstart the body functions. Having fruits at breakfast is also a good option. Salads are also an excellent way of losing weight as it gives the desired amount of fiber to get the bowels moving.

When your body gets a good amount of roughage, it will start releasing toxins from the body and stubborn fast surrounding the internal organs leading to weight loss and a clean gut.

Step #3. Go for Carbohydrate Detox:

Carbs are addictive and make one crave for more. It is the reason behind your increased appetite and cravings; they taste delicious but release glycogen in the body that results in cravings.

If you are regularly eating junk or processed food, then there are chances that carbs detox will be challenging for you, but will be worth the effort.

Eliminating bad carbs from the diet, including pasta, processed food, white rice and other sources of empty calories will give your stomach a break from toxins. It also helps to regulate insulin levels, and as a rule of thumb, insulin needs to be low to fasten the weight loss.

So, to treat insulin insensitivity, it is essential to abstain from carbs for a week.

Step #4. Walk over workout:

Morbid obesity wrecks havoc on joints and makes physical activity a tiring chore. Most of the weight loss strategies involve going to the gym, but stop!

When a person is more than 200 pounds, the body becomes rigid and is not able to handle its own weight. If you start a high-intensity workout like aerobics or lifting weights, there are chances of spraining yourself or getting unconscious as your body is ready.

  • However, the walk is the best way to build tolerance, get the heart pumping, and being active.

Once the body gets used to walking for at least an hour a day, you can start with yoga. It helps in strengthening the core by building resistance and also calms the mind.  A perfect combination of cardio and relaxation.

Step #5. Limit the sodium intake:

Have you been feeling bloated lately? Almost 9 out of 10 obese people suffer from water retention, and who is to blame? Salt!

When we are consuming an excess of processed food and carbs, they feel delicious because they have a high amount of sodium and other spices that make our body dehydrated, leading to water retention.

  • Ideally, our body does not need more than 2300mg sodium in a day, but we go overboard with it.

So, while changing your diet, limit the salt intake and if possible use black salt. It will cure constipation, bloating, and has a dissolving effect on lipids. Once the problem of water retention and indigestion is resolved, it will automatically lead to weight loss.

Step #6. Snack on low carbs:

When it comes to losing weight, there are many theories on the tabloids. Some say to have eight meals in a day of small portion sizes, and others say to avoid snacking in between the three main meals.

Ideally, I prefer to abstain from snacking between the meals, but if I feel hungry, then my go-to snack is veggies.

Normally, when it comes to snacks, everyone gets a picture of cookies with coffee or doughnuts or a burger. But these are the snacks that make your weight shoot up, leading to a guilt trip and remorse.

How about snacking the healthy way? Introduce veggies with hummus during your snack time or have green tea with fruits or have a cup of homemade soup.

These healthy snacks will not only keep you full and your weight in check, but it will also provide essential nutrients.

Step #7. Add protein in every meal:

Low carbs diet will make you cranky and deplete your energy for the apparent reasons because your body is not getting what it wants.

  • Instead, feed it with proteins, and you will feel much better.

Make your diet enriched with protein not only to lose weight but to gain lean muscle, boost metabolism, balance hormones, and of course, to reduce cravings.

Protein should be added to every meal, and it will keep you energized. It will keep your heart rate in check, delay the aging process, and will reduce your appetite as you will feel full for long hours.

So, if you want to lose 10pounds in a week then go on protein spree.

Step #8. Reduce cravings with Apple Cider Vinegar:

The fermented apple drink loaded with citric acid is at your disposal. Apple cider vinegar is a perfect elixir for those of you planning to lose weight quickly.

  • The properties in ACV helps in reducing junk cravings, releases acid from the body, and aids in weight loss.

The key is to drink it before every meal, and you will notice that your appetite has reduced. Apart from weight loss, which is a byproduct of liver detoxification and a stronger digestive system, you will also get your immunity back.

It fights against harmful bacteria and keeps you healthy. With increased energy and active metabolism, you will get glowing skin as it helps in improving blood circulation.

So, start consuming ACV with a straw as direct contact with the teeth can lead to enamel destruction.

Step #9. Supplement with caffeine:

Have you ever wondered why dieticians stress on consuming green tea or black coffee?

Green tea has antioxidants that help in maintaining the alkaline level of the body and prevent the formation of free radicals. Apart from this, it is also good for the digestive system and melts the stubborn visceral fat.

Even black coffee or green coffee beans are aids in weight loss as they help to cleanse the gut, spike the energy level, and are an excellent pre-workout meal.

If you are feeling lazy throughout the day, then green coffee can help you stay active. Ideally, one should drink a liter of green tea post-dinner but not before bedtime.

  • Drink it half an hour after dinner, and you will experience weight loss while you are asleep.

Step #10. Focus on Diet Instead of the Gym:

If you are on a deadline of one week or have an important function to attend, then exercise won’t play the leading role.

Instead of focusing on eating right will get you more results. It is a proven fact that 70% of weight loss depends on our diet, so be disciplined and stick to the diet. Eat more veggies, fruits and protein rich diet!

I understand that sudden change in diet that includes negligible carbs and a lot of protein might throw you off balance. But, if you continue it for a week and see the results, it will motivate you to proceed further.

Rather than sweating in the gym, use your energy to stay on a diet, and see the results.


The FAQ on How to Lose 7-10 pounds Weight in One week:

Q1. Is it possible to lose 7-10 pounds in a week?

Yes, everything is possible when we have a clear cut target and a focused mind. Stick to the instructions mentioned in the article, and you will see a drop in pounds and get a glowing skin.

Q2. Is it advisable to lose 10 pounds in a week?

Losing weight while you are having proper meals and essential nutrients is not just recommended, but a good way to start a weight loss journey. With the diet instructions mentioned-above, you will feel full, active, and happy. It won’t make you starve or push your limits working out in the gym when your body is not ready. So, yes, any weight loss program that advises you to eat clean, stay active, and ditch the crash diet is healthy. You will lose weight, feel energetic, and gain strength.

Q3. Will I lose only excess water in a week?

It depends on your diet. If you are on a diet rich in proteins, then you won’t lose only excess water weight. Instead, a high protein diet will conserve the muscle mass and break the fat molecules, thus removing visceral fat from the internal organs of the body. So, along with excess water, you will also release toxins from the body and extra fat. Along with it, you will also feel energetic as the metabolic rate will increase, and there will be a reduction in insulin insensitivity.

Step #11. The Secret for Motivation

As mentioned in the introduction, that losing weight is not impossible whether you are 200 pounds or 300 pounds. It is a matter of consistency in the right direction and patience as it requires a change in lifestyle.

It is essential here to keep yourself motivated as there will be a time when you would want carbs in the form of favorite pizza or pastry, but self-control is important.

  • While losing weight, it is important to keep yourself busy so that you don’t feel cranky or let the cravings beat you in your mission.
  • Adopt a hobby or start something creative like painting or music that keeps your mind off the food.
  • Lastly, challenge yourself. It is engraved in humans to prove our worth when challenges or perform better in a rewarding environment.

Give yourself a no carbs challenge for a week and reward yourself once you lose the targeted weight. It will keep you motivated and steadfast your weight loss process.

I have written each and every point you need to lose weight fast in a week, now don’t look here and there. Just have faith & start the process I told you. It will work!

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