25+ Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

halloween costume ideas for womenThe countdown has begun! Are you ready for your spooky Halloween night? Wait what! You haven’t decided your Halloween costume yet! Hurry up girl because you are already late for that.

Don’t panic because I am here to help you in selecting the best Halloween outfit. I hove got more than 25 ideas from which you can select the best one for you. So, let’s not waste time and look at the masterpieces I have got for you!

25+ Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

1. The Cuppy Cat Costume:

What about looking like a cute cuppy cat? Little bit of cat eye makeup, long feathery boots, cute cat accessories are all you require to glam up the cuppy cat look for the evening.

2. Hot Devil Look:

Flared red Minnie skirt with black top and the devil horns are a super sexy look for the Halloween night. Add some glitters or red eye lenses to make your look more spooky and attractive.

3. The Tribal Look

An easy-going tribal look never goes out of fashion. Buy some feather accessories that goes along with your look.

4. Cutie Patootie Minnie Mouse Look:

A polka dot skirt, cute bow hair band and black crop top can make you look a cutie patootie Minnie mouse in the house!

5. Unicorn Halloween Costume:

Is it necessary to look haunting at your Halloween night? I don’t think so! A white feathery dress that makes you look like a magical cute unicorn can be a brilliant idea for your friend’s Halloween party.

Source: @vanitymakeup

6. The Skull Lady

A black school dress with white collar t-shirt can give you a whole new spooky look. Don’t forget to take a haunting skull that can add glory to your first ever Halloween party.

7. Lara Croft Costume Idea:

Well! For my tomb raider fans here is a kick ass Halloween Lara Croft costume idea that is easy and super quick.

Source: @inspodiary

8. The Classy Reindeer Costume:

Here is a cute and simple look just for you and your best friend. Matchup the pair of reindeer’s hairband with your dress and put on the makeup to explore the night with your reindeer eyes!

9. The Inexpensive Deer Look:

Here is an ideal look for the ladies who are looking for something cute as well as pocket-friendly. All you need is little bit of deer makeup, your regular white crop-top paired with your favorite brown jeans.

10. The Red Devil Costume:

A super hot Red dress with those lighting devil horns is the easiest way to rock your Halloween party!

11. The Cute Reindeer Costume:

How about looking like a cute reindeer with least efforts? All you have to buy a skinny brown dress, put on horns hairbands and a little bit of classy reindeer makeup is to set the Halloween party on fire!

12. Pocahontas Halloween Costume Idea:

Want to dress up like a Disney princess but don’t want to be a common choice? Then you can try this Pocahontas Halloween costume idea that is something extraordinary and cute.

Source: @makeup

13. Mermaid Costume:

A colorful magnificent mermaid dress can add wonders to your Halloween night. You have a chance to wear all your jewels and accessories you were collecting for a special day.

14. The Devil and Angel Look:

Take your best friend along to try this super awesome devil and angel look!

15. Hot Glittery Red Costume:

Want to look beautiful as a cunning hot witch? Then you can surely try this sparly red outfit for your Halloween night!

16. The Hunter Girl Look:

A tight black leather dress with super sexy hairstyle and a long leather hunter is all you want to look like a sexy hunter girl!

17. Hot N Cute Bunny Look:

Bunnies are not always cute! With this spectacular look you can hotter than burning lava.

18. Fortune Teller Women:

This is a little different Halloween look for the expecting mothers where they can paint their baby bump as a crystal ball and look like an amazing fortune teller.

Source: @alanadawn

19. Inspiring Handmaid’s Tale Costume

Handmaid tales has given us some inspiring Halloween ideas. You can try this simple look with a terrific red dress and dome shaped white hat. It includes a baby bump so, for the expecting mother’s you can still look iconic without hiding your bump!

Source: @kelliegerardi

20. Weirdo Alien Look:

Sparkling grey skirt and crop top along with alien hairbands makes it an out of the world look 😉

21. Alice in Wonderland Bunny Look:

A long bunny hairband and cute little bunny tails along with your favorite black dress and long boots are a complete mixture of an awesome Halloween dress!

22. Angel in Black:

Well no one would have thought to dress up like a angel in a hot black lace top. In case you want to try something new, this look won’t let you down!

23. Deadly Boxer Costume:

A hot yet cute boxer costume with a long black hoodie and very little makeup is a suitable choice for your college Halloween party.

24. Simple Gambler Look:

Can you see how simple and amazing she is looking. A stripped white shirt with a red bow and black skirt paired up with matching black stocking and hat. Don’t forget to take a long black umbrella to complete the look.


25. Spooky Bride Costume:

Don’t know where to use your old wedding dress? Then I have a great idea for you. Use it as your Halloween costume and save some dollars without compromising with your Halloween look.

26. The Hot Sexy Witchy Look:

A hot witchy look can help you burning the dance floor of your college Halloween party. A perfect black leather dress, a witchy hat and smoky eye makeup is all perfect to make you look like a hot sexy witch!


So, this was all about the Halloween ideas. Get your dress to be the best!

halloween costume ideas for women

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