Top 18 Foods that Detox Your Body Naturally

foods that detox body

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “DETOX”? I know most of you will get a picture of someone starving by drinking only detox drinks.

But that is not the case and if you are doing it, stop immediately! There is no need of going so hard on your body. For those who are not familiar with this topic, let me explain.

Detoxifying your body means to remove toxins, free radicals and other harmful chemicals present in your body. Do you know that your body and mind are deeply connected? And the presence of toxins in your body or unhealthy eating habits can cause improper brain functioning?

This is the truth behind lacking the ability to memorize or concentrate on different things. Having a healthy body leads to better functioning of the brain by improving mental clarity and giving better energy levels.

If you are planning to start a detox soon or are currently under a detox diet, then I have some valuable information for you. Your entire body including the respiratory system, immune system, kidneys, liver, and intestine participate in the detox process.

When toxins enter your body, they reach the liver to reduce their toxicity and sent it to the kidneys where they are eliminated in the urine. It might sound like a simple process but involves different phases and enzymes.

For this process to carry out effectively, your body needs enough amounts of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and other important supplements that should be provided through food.

So make sure you include these below mentioned superfoods in your diet regimen for healthy detoxification as they are not only effective but also natural.

Here’s the list of top 18+ foods that naturally detoxify your body:

1. Water:

The simplest and easiest way of eliminating toxins from your body is by drinking lots of water. It is technically not a food but deserves the first rank when it comes to detoxifying your body.

How many of you are sure that you drink enough water every day? By saying enough water, I mean 6-7 glasses at least.

But to detox your body, you should work your way up to 8-10 glasses a day. Fatigue and dizziness may be a sign of dehydration. Therefore, keep your water consumption in check for a healthy living.

Start your day by drinking two glasses of water after waking up in the morning. It is a very crucial step as you sleep for anywhere between 6-10 hours without sipping water.

Have a glass or two of water in between your meals to keep yourself full and hydrated. If you are busy, you can lose track of your water intake.

In this case, you can set a reminder on your phone, a sticky note on your desk, an app to remind you to drink water or simply fill a bottle and keep it next to you. Remember to stay hydrated.

2. Turmeric:

We all know the medicinal properties of turmeric herb. It is mostly known for its antibiotic properties. It helps in digestion and reduces inflammation.

Studies have shown that turmeric is known to prevent colon cancer and treat other diseases like cystic fibrosis and bowel syndromes. It acts as an antispasmodic to soothe muscles.

Thus, helping to lower any cramps in the stomach. It also helps the liver to metabolize wastes in the body which are called Xenobiotic chemicals and get rid of toxins ultimately. So the next time you cook your meals, don’t forget to add a pinch of this powerful herb.

You can include turmeric in your diet in different ways. Use it as an ingredient while cooking or use it as a topping on your dishes.

You can also mix it in your detox drinks. For a good night’s sleep, add a pinch of turmeric in a glass of milk and drink it before going to bed. It ensures a calm and relaxed state of mind and makes you sleep better. Keep in mind that you use a good quality turmeric powder.

3. Garlic:

Though garlic is not a detox food, it is rich in vitamin C and has antimicrobial properties that help the liver to effectively get rid of toxins.

It supports many of the liver enzymes thus, making the liver function better. The vitamin C helps in boosting immunity and fights again various bacteria and viruses that enter the body. As our bodies do not develop resistance against garlic, it serves as a potent immunity booster. It contains a wide range of antioxidants that are effective in removing free radicals from our bodies.

For a successful detox, our body must be provided with an ample amount of nutrients from different sources.

Garlic is best in foods when it comes to providing nutrients that are rarely found in other forms of food. So think twice before you throw that piece of garlic from your food plate.

If you don’t like how it tastes then you can add it to your boring detox drinks or infused drinks to add up the spice and flavor. Think no more. Try it out today.

4. Basil:

Basil leaves are full of antibacterial properties that help your body to fight against any kind of sickness. They also protect the liver as they contain active ingredients called Terpenoids within them.

It is also effective in removing other microorganisms like fungi, molds, and yeast. Basil leaves help in the better functioning of the kidneys as well.

It is an herb that reduces inflammation as it has cooling properties. It also keeps your gut health if consumed regularly.

The next time you go to a store don’t forget to look out of basil leaves. You can use them to garnish your pizza, salads, soups and most other food items. If you don’t want to have it directly you can go for a basil tea.

  • The easiest way is to – mix it with your detox drinks or any infused waters.
  • You can add cucumber, mint and lemon slices along with some basil leaves to a jar of water.
  • Allow it to stand overnight.
  • Drink this infused water the next day. You can get all the properties of the ingredients that are added to the water.

Now that you know the recipe, you need not spend any more dollars on those commercially available detox drinks.

5. Green Tea:

The most important drink to include in your diet for detoxification is green tea. We see many nutritionists and dieticians recommend green tea to lose weight.

The reason is, green tea helps in boosting your metabolism thus removing excess fat and toxins from the body. It is an excellent source of antioxidants and supports the liver by increasing enzyme activity.

An increase in enzyme activity directly leads to detoxification. When you are dieting, your body often tends to down-regulates metabolism. With time you may observe that your metabolism is slowed down. To prevent this, have a cup of green tea.

You can have 3-4 cups of green tea a day. Have it in between meals to stay full or half an hour before your meals which can make you eat less. You can also have it before hitting the gym as a pre-workout drink or before going to bed.

Remember not to have green tea on an empty stomach. It may irritate the lining of your stomach and lead to a burning sensation in the stomach as it is highly acidic.

So ladies, its time to switch your regular tea, coffee, soda and other drinks with green tea for that summer body.

6. Lemon:

One important source of vitamin C is lemon. Among all the citrus fruits, lemon offers higher amounts of vitamin C when compared to the remaining.

These are considered to be natural fat burners and immunity boosters. Apart from these, lemon is also known to improve complexion, balance the pH of the stomach, regulate acidity and aid in weight loss.

Lemon is always a great option to include in your detox diet. It also helps in digestion effectively.

  • Start your day with a glass of warm lemon water.
  • Add honey to it for better results.

It is a natural detox drink and drinking it on an empty stomach offers many health benefits. It helps in cleansing your gut and burns belly fat.

Other ways to incorporate lemon is by squeezing it into your other drinks like tea and also on top of your meals. It adds both taste and a daily dose of C vitamin in this way. You can also garnish your meals by peeling the skin of a lemon.

7. Ginger:

Recent studies have shown that ginger if an effective ingredient having cancer-fighting properties. It is a known fact that ginger is great for people with arthritis.

Ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory properties for ages. It contains compounds called Gingerols that provide a soothing effect. Ginger has also been shown to provide a boost to the immune system. It helps in proper liver functioning and easy digestion.

Ginger can be beneficial for people suffering from a fatty liver. Apart from this, it can also treat nausea and morning sickness.

Try adding pieces of ginger to your food while cooking. You can also chew the roots of ginger, but having ginger directly is more effective.

  • Take some water in a bowl
  • add pieces of ginger or you can grate it as per your wish
  • keep it on your stove and boil it for about 10minutes.
  • Let it cool for some time, strain the water and drink while it is still warm.

I know it is hard to drink a glass of water which is not so good in taste. So as always, there is honey to the rescue. Add a teaspoon of raw organic honey and enjoy your drink first thing in the morning.

8. Greek Yoghurt:

This one has to be the easiest of all the foods in this detox list. I love to snack on yoghurt as it is rich in protein, calcium, and vitamins.

It is a probiotic food that contains healthy gut bacteria that can aid in the digestion process. It also has the potential to keep you full for longer periods.

Greek yoghurt contains good bacteria that help in easy digestion and reduce bloating which is a sign of a healthy gut. The bacteria present in this are called Lactobacillus acidophilus. These are a potent group of bacteria that are found in most dairy products.

Be sure you are buying plain yoghurt from the store and not the flavored ones to get the maximum benefit out of it.

Greek yoghurt goes well with prebiotic foods like bananas and berries. So why not add this delicious food to your fruit bowl next time? You can also have it as a snack in the evening or for breakfast.

It is better to stay away from eating yoghurt on an empty stomach as it can sometimes cause acidity. Now that you know it comes under a detox food category, you can have it without any guilt.

9. Beets:

Beets are antioxidant-rich foods that help in cleansing the liver and eliminate the toxins. They are also known to aid in weight loss and improve athletic performance.

Beets support brain health and also possess anticancer properties. They are the source of a phytonutrient called Betalains. Beets have anti-inflammatory properties and help in the detoxification process.

They neutralize the toxins and make them water-soluble by which they can be easily flushed out through the urine. They are also rich in fiber and vitamin C, thus including beets in your detox diet is very beneficial.

One important tip is to be careful while eating beets as they may stain your clothes and tablecloths.

You can add beats to your regular salads, or have it as a juice. My suggestion would be to take it in the form of a smoothie than a juice because in this way the nutrients in it are not degraded.

Blend beets in a blender until you get a semi-solid consistency and have it for your breakfast. This is a great way to include beets in your diet. In case you are thinking of cooking beets, remember that beets tend to lose the essential nutrients along with Betalains as they cannot sustain high temperatures.

You don’t want to have a meal that lacks nutrients, after all your cooking efforts, right? So cook beets for no more than 10-15 minutes from now on.

Also, as beets are rich in iron content, it becomes difficult to digest for people with a sensitive stomach. These people should be taking beets in fewer quantities.

10. Eggs:

I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t know about the various health benefits an egg has to offer. It has high nutritional value along with high protein content.

Your body can easily digest eggs and take up the nutrients from it. Eggs are referred to as superfoods as they contain selenium, vitamin D, B2, B6, B12 and minerals such as zinc, iron, and copper.

It is also a source of a rare nutrient called choline that is lacking in many nutritious foods and the body of many people. Eggs are a source of nine essential amino acids that are responsible for the breakdown of wastes and thereby removing toxins from the body.

They also repair tissues, fight free radicals and neutralize toxins in the body with the help of Organosulfur compounds present in them.

Include eggs in your detox diet by having it for breakfast in the form of an omelet, along with your toast or as a plain boiled egg. You can cook them along with vegetables or fry them in oils that can sustain high temperatures like the virgin coconut oil but do not overcook them.

If you feel it a bit boring, you can spice it up with pepper and salt. One egg a day will be a sufficient quantity but science says that a healthy person can eat up to three whole eggs per day.

So better get a pack of eggs that will be enough for a week this time. But consider buying fresh eggs and not the old ones.

11. Asparagus:

Asparagus is the tasty spears that are anti-inflammatory by nature and help to relax the inflamed muscles. Besides that, they also contain powerful antioxidants.

They contain a compound called Glutathione which directly helps in eliminating the toxins. Glutathione binds to toxins in the body and helps in excreting them.

Asparagus is also a source of prebiotic fiber that provides good bacteria to the stomach and helps in maintaining gut health.

Not only that, but asparagus also contains high amounts of a specific amino acid known as asparagine. This amino acid is known to eliminate toxins, excess salt and the water you may be retained as it is a natural diuretic.

So you can finally wave goodbye to your bloated stomach. It is best when asparagus is eaten raw though it might not be tasty.

Add asparagus to your salads by chopping it into pieces of the desired size. So next time, grab a spear of asparagus whenever you are free but make sure you have a restroom near you as it is a diuretic.

12. Lemongrass:

Lemongrass is an ingredient most of us usually do not try. But you would want to give it a try after knowing the benefits it has in the detox world.

Lemongrass provides our body with a better ability to digest food. Not only that, but it also helps in the circulation. It is commonly referred to as a natural organ cleanser because of its ability to cleanse the digestive tract, kidney, and bladder.

It works by improving the quantity and frequency of urination and removes the harmful uric acid present in the body through this process.

It is widely consumed as a tea to detoxify the body. Have it once in a couple of days to get rid of toxins in your body.

You can also use lemongrass in marinades, salads, curry paste or stir-fries. While chopping a lemongrass stalk, cut the top and base, peel off the rough and dry areas before mincing.

You can often find this ingredient in Thai dishes. So now you know what cuisine to try out for the next time.

13. Broccoli:

Broccoli belongs to the family of cruciferous vegetables and is made up of powerful phytonutrients that help in detoxifying your body. A combination of three glucosinolate phytonutrients named glucoraphanin, gluconasturtiin and glucobrassicin are found in it.

These help in the activation, neutralization, and elimination of toxins which are the steps involved in the detoxification process. Broccoli also contains enough fiber to help with your gut health.

The cruciferous family vegetables are loved by the gut bacteria making you eat more. The nut contains a sugar called Raffinose that results in bloating. You don’t want a bloated stomach even after eating healthy, right? So better start eating in less quantity and gradually up your game.

You can have raw broccoli in your salads by sprinkling a little bit of low sodium salt. Even the leaves of broccoli which we avoid eating have an ample amount of nutrients.

Steamed broccoli is a good option for those who are sensitive to gas and bloating. But do not overcook as it may lose its nutrients at high temperatures.

Be careful when you order broccoli in a restaurant as they try to improve their taste by cooking with butter or cheese.

I hope the leftovers won’t have broccoli in them from now on!

14. Artichokes:

Artichokes are known to increase bile production in the liver. Bile is responsible for the breaking of food and the efficient absorption of nutrients into the body.

They are great sources of folate and magnesium as well. As most of the detoxification happens in the liver, artichokes are an important detox food to include in our diet. They also lower the symptoms of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) in addition to improving liver health, digestive health, and regulation of blood pressure. It reduces LDL (bad cholesterol) and increases HDL (good cholesterol).

Artichokes can be served either hot or cold. Pull the outer petals one at a time before eating. Dip the base into salt or butter and pull the soft portion through your teeth and discard the remaining.

The bottom and heart of artichoke are completely edible. You can also boil them or cook them in a pressure cooker. Serve with a dash of salt or your favorite sauce dip.

15. Seaweeds:

Seaweeds are great detox foods that are gentle on your digestive system. They are often found in the sushi we order at restaurants, but including this in your diet can be of great help for detoxifying your body.

It is an antioxidant-rich food besides being a major source of iodine. Apart from salt, we can find iodine majorly from seaweeds. Maintaining a good iodine level is necessary to keep the health of thyroid in check.

Lack of iodine can lead to problems like fatigue, muscle weakness and high cholesterol in our body.

Adding a dash of seaweed flakes to your meals ensures that you are consuming enough amount of seaweed each day. You can also include it in your smoothies and salads.

Opt for organic seaweed which is way cheaper and snack on it in your free time. Still, got a reason not to buy them or eat them?

16. Dandelions:

We all know how difficult it is to maintain dandelions on our lawn. But how many of us know that it can serve as a great detox food?

Now how dandelions eliminate the toxins from our body is quite similar to that of artichokes. Dandelions increase the production of bile in our body which breaks down the toxins in the liver and help to absorb the nutrients efficiently. Thus adding dandelions to your detox diet has equal importance as adding the artichokes.

Dandelions can serve as a great herbal detox tea. You can also buy dandelion tea from the local stores.

Dandelions may be bitter to taste so adding them in your soups can be a good option. Dandelion from the tip to the base is edible. You can include the stem, roots and even flower in your foods.

You can cook dandelions under steam or eat them fresh. Now you know how to put those dandelions in your garden to use.

17. Grapefruit:

How many of you know that the delicious grapefruit comes under the category of detox foods. In comparison with oranges, apples, pomegranates, and cranberries, grapefruits stand first in place of the antioxidant content.

A higher concentration of nutrients like lycopene, carotenoid, etc can be found in a bright red or pink-colored grapefruit. So instead of ordering it online, you can go and choose the delicious ones all by yourself.

You can have a grapefruit every day as studies have shown that it can lower cholesterol and high blood sugar levels along with the prevention of colon cancer.

There is no particular way to eat grapefruit. You can eat it by including it in your fruit bowl or just cut the grapefruit in two halves, cut each half into two halves into wedges. Cut each wedge to remove the center pulp and enjoy your grapefruit.

I don’t think you can say no to this flavor and nutrient-packed detox food.

18. Watercress:

Watercress is known for its cancer-fighting properties lately. It has phytochemicals known as glucosinolates.

They tend to combat the cancers occurring in the head, neck, breast, lung, prostate, and colon. It is not commonly used in the food but is great for detoxifying the body.

It releases enzymes that can clear the toxins and contaminants present in the body. As watercress is packed with many nutrients like vitamin K, minerals and antioxidants it can give protection against osteoporosis.

Adding watercress to your diet can be simple. All you have to do is trim the stems, wash with water and add it into your salads, green smoothies, stir-fries, or in your sandwich.

It can also support your bones as it is rich in calcium. You can have it raw or cooked. But cooked watercress can be stripped of some nutrients in it. You can simply sauté it with olive oil and a few spices of your choice to make a tasty dish.

Also, keep in mind that it is spicy and don’t end up adding more spice to it. Just a dash of salt could do well.

It belongs to the family of cruciferous vegetables as well, so do not consume it in excess which may lead to bloating of your stomach.


You may love to enjoy comfort foods like pizza, burgers, and fries with your friends and colleagues, but you don’t want to share their heartburn, bloating and other complications right?

Why not keep your food habits to yourself? Have healthy foods to lose that fat and be patient until you see the results.

Detox is not what you see in commercials. There is no such thing as a single day detox and losing two or three pounds. Never fall victim to these commercials and contribute to increasing their sales.

Be practical and give it some time. You have gained all that unhealthy fat over time, so it is going to take some time when you’re planning to lose it. Not only in the matter of fact, but detoxification is also important to maintain a healthy body and brain too.

A healthy lifestyle can make your aging process slow and increase your lifespan. Aim to stay fit and remember- ‘You are what you eat’.

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