11 Best Exercises to Lose Upper Thigh Fat in a Week

Are you looking for ways and exercises to reduce your upper thigh fat fast? Then this article is for you! I am going to give you my favorite 11 exercises which helps in getting rid of upper thigh fat within a week.

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exercises to get rid of upper thigh fatIf you have high body fat then having upper thigh fat is usual, but even though if you are not so chubby, infact slim and maintain a good body weight, fat still gets stored particularly in some body parts in which upper thigh is one of the most common spot.

The part in which fats are stored differs in each of us as we all are not the same obviously. There are many reasons why the fat is stored in certain body parts. It might be due to our genetics, diet or physical activity.

Many of us struggle to get rid of this inner thigh fat badly. While it is not in our control to lose the fat in the parts we want, it is definitely possible to target those parts to burn the fat and tone the muscles.

So I wanted to share with you the most easy 11 exercises that I have found after meeting multiple weight loss experts. These are not only easy, but they are also very effective!

They need no equipment and you can do them at your home itself without the help of any instructor. These are simple and not so time taking.

Lets try these 11 basic exercises for quick results!

1. Squats

These are surely one of the most effective exercises for losing fat and toning the thigh region. This one is simple and easy for beginners as well.

Not only it tones your thighs, but it is also helpful in toning the butt and hip areas. The best thing about squats is that they can be done literally anywhere, including your house, and without any special equipment.

If you’re not a beginner, then you can also try out other form of squats apart from the regular one like pile squats and cossak squats which are very much effective than the regular form.

To perform regular squats,

  • Begin by standing straight and maintain a shoulder width between your legs.
  • Let your back be firm and slowly get down, as if you are sitting on a chair, until your legs are perpendicular to the floor.
  • Come back to the position where you had started and repeat these steps for 10 times.
  • You can also try the jump squats if you’re very good with regular squats. All you have to do is squat and jump to get back to the original position.

If you’re willing to perform a pile squat

  • Stand with your legs wide open with your knees and toes pointing outward.
  • Put your hands on your hips so that you can attain a good balance and posture.
  • Slowly come back to the squat position and get up by squeezing your glutes.
  • Continue this exercise for about half a minute.
  • Make sure to keep your torso and spine stiff and straight.

Cossak Squat

Performing a cossak squat can be a bit challenging especially for beginners but it is the more effective when compared to other squat forms. It shapes your thighs in every angle and makes your lower body flexible.

  • Start by standing with your legs apart and bend towards your left.
  • Stretch your right leg while you do this and keep your palms on your left knee.
  • Similarly, bend towards the right side while stretching your left leg and keeping your palms on the right knee.
  • You can perform 4 sets with 10 repetitions each.

2. Leg circles

Sometimes, burning the inner thigh fat can be possible by performing exercises as simple as leg circles. You can do a single leg circle or a inner thigh circle for that extra burn. If you are a beginner start with a single leg circle and work your way up to inner thigh circles.

Single leg circle is typically a Pilates form of exercise that works on the muscles present in your thigh.

  • Start by lying on a yoga mat with hands on your sides and palms facing downward.
  • Raise one of your legs slowly towards the ceiling and rotate in clockwise and anti clockwise directions 5 times each.
  • Your back should be in contact with the floor throughout the exercise.
  • Repeat it for the other leg as well.

To perform the inner thigh circles,

  • Lie on one side on your yoga mat and rest your head with bent arms.
  • Bend one of your legs in front of the other leg with the support of your ankle.
  • Lift up the leg on the bottom as high as you can and rotate it in clockwise and anticlockwise directions for 5 times each.
  • Repeat the same process for the other leg till a minute.

3. Lunges

Lunges are quite popular form of exercise when it’s about losing and toning the thigh fat. Just like squats, lunges can also be performed in different ways like forward lunges, side lunges, reverse lunges, curtsy lunges and walking lunges.

However, it is good to start with a basic forward lunge exercise if you are unfamiliar with lunges. But they are all effective in losing thigh fat.

You can also perform them with dumbbells for effective results and to improve your strength.

How To:

  • To do a forward lunge, stand with your feet flat to the floor.
  • Move one feet forward and bend your calves as much as you can until it is close to the ground.
  • Now move the other leg forward and do the same.
  • Keep your spine and torso firm and your calves parallel to the ground.
  • Do it for 30 seconds.
  • The same goes with walking lunges except that you do not stay at one place.

4. Scissor press

Scissor press is a common exercise practiced to burn the inner thigh fat.

How To:

  • All you have to do is to lay down on a yoga mat, raise both your legs towards the ceiling.
  • Keep your arms pressed against the ground and your back firm.
  • Extend your legs directly above your hips and open your legs slowly as far as possible.
  • Get into the original position and repeat it for a minute.
  • You can also use an exercise band and tie it above your knees for better support.
  • You can also perform criss crosses in the similar way by just criss crossing your legs instead of opening them. It is also effective against inner thigh fat.

5. Frog jumps

Frog jumps are an interesting form of exercise to burn the inner thigh fat. As this exercise involves stretching repeatedly, it burns calories during and after the exercise and helps in sculpting your thighs.

To perform this exercise:

  • Start in a squatting position with both of your hands touching the ground within your legs.
  • Let your chest be firm enough and jump by raising both your hands.
  • Your feet should be leaving the ground when you jump.
  • Repeat it for a minute and take a 15 second break if necessary as it may get your heart racing.

6. Wall sits

Wall sit might probably sound like the easiest form of exercise to lose thigh fat but it is definitely quite difficult. You can feel your thigh fat burning while holding this pose, so this is not as simple as it looks like.

How To:

  • Stand with your feet apart and maintain a hip width distance between them.
  • Put your back straight and get into a sitting posture with the help of a wall.
  • Hold this position for a minute and get back to the position where you started, which is standing.
  •  Repeat it thrice.

7. Climbing stairs

It is so obvious that most of the people prefer elevators over climbing stairs. But guess what, climbing stairs can help you get rid of that excess fat in your thighs.

Climbing stairs is effective as it works out your thighs. Instead of buying a step machine you can climb the stairs in your apartment.

So the next time you need to get to another floor, ditch the elevator and climb up the stairs.

8. Gate swings

Gate swings are good for training your thighs, core, glutes and your entire leg. This exercise does not need any extra space and can be performed at your home without any extra equipment.

To perform this exercise,

  • Stay in a squat position by placing your palms on your knees.
  • Keep your core and spine engaged and stand by putting your right leg behind your left leg.
  • Do the same once again and put the left leg behind the right leg this time.
  • Do this exercise alternatively for a couple of minutes.

9. Supine inner thigh lift

Supine thigh lift is a simple exercise that can be performed in the following manner.

  • Lay down on a yoga mat with hands on your sides and palms facing downward.
  • Keep your core intact and lift both your legs slowly in the air toward your ceiling.
  • Keep your legs together in an elevated position and open one of the legs as much as possible to its side.
  • Get it back together with the other leg and repeat 15 times.
  • Do the same with the other and try doing for at least 3 sets.

10. Frog bend

It is a go to exercise when you are out of time or if you are on a holiday as it does not take so much time.

  • Start by lying flat on a yoga mat with your core engaged and arms lying firmly on both your sides.
  • Lift your legs slowly to face the ceiling with your heels together.
  • Bend your knees out slowly to the sides and Get them back to the elevated position by using the thigh muscles.
  • Repeat it for about 10 times up to 3 sets and take a rest in between each set if needed.

11. Diamond kicks

Diamond kicks are similar to frog bends.

How To:

  • You need to lie down on a yoga mat just like in frog bend exercise and lift your legs up to form a 90 degree angle with the ground.
  • Let your back be straight and your hands close to your body.
  • Bend your knees and touch your feet and let your legs form a diamond shape.
  • Spread your legs wide and repeat the steps for 10-15 times.

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I have personally tried out many of these exercises and I must say that they were really effective in shedding the fat from my thighs.

But remember to practice them on a daily basis. Instant results cannot be seen in a single day, you need to push yourself harder each day to achieve desired results. So waste no time and start your exercises from today itself to get those toned thighs.

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