15 Keto Dessert Recipes – Low Carb Keto Dessert Recipes for Ketogenic Diet

keto dessert recipesI have heard many people saying that being on a diet means goodbyes to all your favorite cookies, pies, cakes and ice creams. But is it really necessary?

Means you are doing a lot of hard work at home hitting gym regularly, managing your office and sticking to your diet all day long. So, having a cheat day and satisfying your sweet tooth becomes necessary to keep yourself motivated throughout the week!

Even though various researches have shown that the people who cheated their meal once in a week tend to lose more weight as compared to people who did not! Yes weird but True!

Because having a cheat meal helped them to overcome their craving and staying motivated for a longer duration.

What if we have told you that you can have all your favorite chocolates, cakes, cookies and pies without compromising or cheating your diet? Yes! You just read it right.

Our today’s blog is for the keto dieters who are seriously craving for sweetness in their life. We have got more than 15 recipes keto dessert recipes that are low in carb, little in calories and contain good amount of protein and fat.

Moreover, these recipes are super easy to make, requires very less equipment and are budget friendly too! So, no more tensions and let’s have a look at those amazing recipes you can have without any guilt and regrets.

15+ Easy Keto Dessert Recipes:

Keto Pistachio ruffles:

Getting on these sweet and salty desserts, keto pistachios truffles can surely manage your sweet tooth keeping you focused on your diet. These super sturdy portable truffles are a fantastic low carb dessert option you can bring to your parties and gatherings.

Found on iBreatheimHungry

Flourless Avocado Brownies:

We just got the best recipe for our keto chocolate lovers. You surely won’t get over these chocolaty, fudgy, low-carb and dairy free recipe. And the best part is you don’t need to do any extra efforts, just blend up all the ingredients and set them in oven.

Found on TheCastAwayKitchen

Keto Chocolate Chip Muffins:

No one can say no to muffins and you surely don’t need to when they are made with such great ingredients that are low in calories and high in nutritive value. We advise you to use unsweetened dark chocolate to make these muffins low in sugar and rich in chocolaty flavor.

Found on HealthyRecipesBlogs

Low-Carb Peanut Butter Pie:

Pies never get out of my mind even if I am on diet. Having these low carb pies made with cocoa powder and the zero calorie sweetener stevia can be the best pie recipe I can have even without cheating my diet.

Found on SimplySoHealthy

Butter Pecan Cookies:

With only 2.2 grams of carbs per cookie these can be the lowest-carb cookie recipe on our list. Made with chopped pecans, coconut and almond flour they feel just amazing with the evening tea or coffee.

Black Walnut Chocolate Chip Keto Low Carb Muffins with Almond Flour:

Muffins are my favorite breakfast options as they are handy, tasty and little bit sweet in taste to overcome my sweet cravings. You can surely try these low carb keto muffins as a dessert morning breakfast option.

Keto Chocolates with Macadamia & Sea Salt:

Craving for some chocolates? Then just have a look at this extremely tasty chocolate recipe low on waist and high in taste! Don’t forget to make some extra for your better half!

Keto No-Bake Cookies:

Cookies are just best in themselves but having them without the efforts of baking makes me super happy! With a crunchy texture of walnuts these cookies feels amazing on taste buds. Each cookie provides around 5 Grams of carbs and 17 Grams of fat. So having one or two of them won’t make any huge difference in your daily calorie count!

Quick Keto Tiramisu:

Having a creamy and decadent tiramisu can surely make my day. And the best thing is that this recipe is 100% approved for the keto dieters. Make it richer by adding cocoa, espresso and brandy.

Keto Orange Poke Cake:

You can surely try this light and citrusy fruity cake on weekends to treat yourself for the well spent hardcore week. Made with orange zevia this orange spongy cake provides you just 3.1 Grams of carbs per slice.

Low-carb keto cupcakes:

Having a tender chocolate cupcake with only 5 Grams of carbs per serving can surely the best treat I can give myself on cheat days. Make them more attractive by topping them with fluffy sugar-free frosting.

Keto Texas Sheet Cake with Chocolate Avocado Frosting:

Finding an easy keto cake recipe? Then you surely cannot find something better than this fluffy and rich German chocolate cake. So enjoy this amazing recipe without falling off your keto diet plan.

Chocolate Mint Cupcakes with Swirl Frosting:

Have you ever wondered about mint flavor cupcakes? I wasn’t sure about there taste until I tried them last weekend and trust me they were just heavenly on taste buds. Use grass-fed butter rather than the cream cheese in the frosting to make them healthier.

Gluten-free chocolate coconut cupcakes:

With a flavor of cinnamon and rich cocoa butter, these cupcakes were the dessert option I was looking for my everyday’s sweet cravings. Packed with healthy fats, these gluten free cupcakes provide about 2 grams of carbs per serving.

Zesty Low Carb Lemon Cake

Wanted to have carb free birthday cake? Then you can surely try this low carb lemon cake. And celebrate your guilt free birthdays with a delicious cake with only 4.6grams of carbs per serving!

Paleo & Keto Mug Cake:

Finding a super easy dessert recipe? Then you came a right way as this chocolate mug cake recipe can be made with less than 20 minutes. Each serving of this cake provides you about 3.2 grams of carbs and 17 grams of fat.

So, this was all about our low carb keto dessert recipes you can try to overcome your sweet cravings. Try them all and do let us know which one was your favorite out of all.

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