25+ DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations

halloween decorations for outdoorYeah! Its Halloween in just a couple of days. I am too excited but meantime I am stressed because a lot of things are pending, my dress, food, decoration! Oh No Decorations! I forgot to tell you that I have found some amazing DIY outdoor decoration ideas that are simple, cheap and totally spooky. Are you ready to haunt everyone around? Follow me and check what’s on my list!

25+ DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations:

1. Bats All Around:

A simple flock of bats can haunt them all. Put them outside your door and let the visitors get scared by these creepy bats flock.

Photo Credit: It All Started with Paint

2. Its Skeleton Night!

Did you see how cool these skeletons look jumping off your rooftop? Get some and place them well to make it look like a skeleton party in your house.

Photo Credits: Kid Friendly Things to Do

3. Glowing Pumpkin Lanterns

Halloween is incomplete without spooky pumpkin decorations. And this DIY would be enough to create an illusion of teriffic pumpkin bombs.

Find Project Details at: tatertotsandjello.com

4. Spooky Halloween Pumpkins:

Halloween is incomplete without the spooky painted pumpkins. So let’s create it by ourselves. Get some pumpkins and paint them in the way you like!

5. Zombie planters:

We all have our favorite outdoor plants. What about creating something spooky with them. Get some fake hands holding gardening tools and place them in your favorite outdoor plants and here you are set to haunt them all with your zombie planters.

Find Project Details at: Ian Spanier

6. This Home is Evil:

So many black birds at your door! Get some faux ravens and place them outside your door in different positions. Add on your painted pumpkins to make it look creepier and spooky then ever!

7. Home of a Witch

A board that describes how wicked you are would be a perfect decoration for a Halloween night. Collect some pumpkins and old broom to keep along with it!

Picture Credits: Boston Interiors

8. The Classic Show

Hanging bats, witches broom, pumpkins all around the floor.. what a classic way to celebrate halloween night!

Find Project Details at: Martha Stewart

9. The welcoming Cute and Spooky Outdoor look:

Is it your baby’s first Halloween night? Then this welcoming cute and spooky look would be perfect for your small happy family.

Find Project Details at: thecraftingchicks.com

10. Spooky glass jar decoration

Have lot’s of waste glass jars at home? Then try this DIY to use them in a perfect creepy way. Paint them, add some lighting and they are ready for a perfect trick or treat night.

Find Project Details at: craftsbyamanda.com

11. Zombie barbie dolls:

Oh Jesus! I have never thought that barbies could be soo haunting. Use your old barbies to create these living zombies and place them in your garden.

Find Project Details at: craftsbyamanda.com

12. Blacky spooky pumpkins:

Well! Did I tell you pumpkins are my favorite Halloween elements? These little grumpy balls are spooky as well as innocent and can be molded in various designs. Want an example, look at this!

Find Project Details: bhg.com

13. A perfect Trick for Treat Decoration:

WOW! I have never seen anything wonderful like this. Fresh pumpkins gathered on the porch with amazing lighting and decorative accessories are a perfect Halloween DIY idea.

Photo Credit: Here

14. This whole house is haunted:

Are witches spelling inside the house? Oh no! it’s just an illusion. Want to create the same? Try this DIY now!

Photo Credits: Love This Pic

15. The dancing ghosts:

How about some cute little dancing ghosts in your garden? Take out your old white bedsheets and some wood stands to create your own dancing ghosts!

16. EEK Spider DIY:

I usually hate spiders but this EEK spider look is just too cute. This idea directly goes into my cute outdoor Halloween DIY!

Photo Credits: WooHome

17. Witch House

Brooms parked at the door means that some wicked things are going inside the house!  A simple DIY with all those easily available acessories.

Find Project Details at: Better Homes & Gardens

18. Creative outdoor DIY

Old brooms, waste boards, led lightings, little bit accessories are enough to copy this wonderful and creative outdoor DIY idea!

Find Project Details at: lookiewhatidid.blogspot.com

19. The Crime scene decoration:

What just happened here? A mysterious murder or a witch ate someone? Well! nothing serious.  It’s just one of the spookiest Halloween outdoor decoration. Liked it? Then try it!

Find Project Details at: whatsurhomestory.com

20. Blue led illusion:

Made from blue led lights and plastic sheet, this DIY is a perfect example of creativity. Hang it in your garden or around a tree to haunt every passerby.

21. Raven Decorated Porch

Ideal for beige color backgrounds, this raven decorated porch looks classy and goofy. Get some pumpkins to paint them black and white, pick up the old barks from your garden and place some handmade ravens on it.

Find Project Details at: createcraftlove.com

22. Hanging witches hat lightings:

Witches hats are easily available. Just get them from the market and hang them outside your door along with Led light bulbs and here you are done with the decoration part!

Find Project Details at: polkadotchair.com

23. Orange Paper Balls

See how cute these orange paper balls look outside your home. This isn’t goofy but just a simple cute way to say trick or treat!

Photo Credits: (iska galt dia hua hai check krlo plz)

24. Coffin Front Porch Decoration

A smashing outdoor Halloween look with all those decorated coffins and haunting pumpkins looks amazingly good.

Photo Credits: Panda’s House

25. Witch & Cat DIY:

Witch decorations look good on Halloween night. For instance, look at this DIY look!

Find Project Details at: marthastewart.com

26. Countdown to Halloween DIY

Are you eagerly counting the Halloween days? then this countdown Halloween DIY is for you! Pick up all the accessories and keep in front of your door and start counting the days.

Find Project Details at: iheartnaptime.com


So, these were some amazing Halloween decoration DIY ideas. liked them? if yes, then don’t forget to share with your friends so that they could also get exclusive ideas to decorate their outdoor.

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