15+ College Halloween Costume Ideas for Parties!

college halloween costume ideasEagerly waiting for your college Halloween party and want some costume ideas that can help you look best! So, cheers ladies because I have done a lot of research and brought you top 15 Halloween costume ideas that can help you get trick out of treat!

These costumes are fashionable, comfortable easy and looks extremely spooky as well as wonderful. so! what we are doing here let’s get to the main section and explore what I have got for you!

15+ Halloween Costume Ideas for College Parties:

1. You are Caught Look!

Planning a Halloween night out with your girls? What about dressing like hot robbers caught by the Cop!

2. Hot Pirates Look:

What about this hot and badass pirate look? Amazing enough to rock the Halloween night!

3. Hot and Cute Belly Dancer:

Want to burn dance floor with your taki taki moves! So here is brilliant Halloween costume idea for you.

Image Credit: courtney

4. Netflix and Chill:

A perfect dress for you and your bestie if both of you love to chill with Netflix!

5. Sexy Cop Look

Get all the robbers get caught red handed tonight with your sexy cop look

6. The Flawless Starbucks Latte Look:

How about dressing like your favorite Starbucks latte pack? Well i think its a great idea!

7. Sparkling Angel, Daring Devil and a Hot Nurse

A perfect look for a trio of besties reflecting three different look! In case you are single then can try any of the below as per your liking’s and personality.

8. Lilo and Stitch:

Remember the lilo and stitch duo!…This is how they look now! ask your bestie to dress up like stitch and be her Lilo for the night!

Image Credit: Linzey Jones

9. Bloody doll look:

Want to know how a creepy bloody moving doll look alike! Dress like one and show everyone!

10. Kick-Ass Fuckboy Look:

How about this easy and kick ass FUCKBOY LOOK! I thought liked it!

11. Game of Thrones Look:

Game of thrones second part was a big hit like the first one! Copy this look to show how much you miss it!

12. Card Look:

Want something extremely hot and amazing for your girls gang….then what about dressing like cards who are a perfect game changers!

Image Credit: popsugar

13. Good to Go Unicorn Look:

A glimpse of a fairytale in a simple yet amazing unicorn look! Pleasant and Peaceful!

Image Credit: pinterest

14. Terrifying Zombie Look:

Get goofy and haunt everyone around by your terrifying zombie look. Add on makeup and white lenses to make it more exciting than ever!

15. Powerful Fire Fighter Girls:

Show your extreme powers in this powerful fire fighter girls look!

16. Comeback Beyonce’s Look!

Big Beyonce’s fan? than how could you miss her biggest comeback look!

17. The Minnie Mouse Look:

Minnie mouse look never get out of fashion and can be perfect for the ladies who prefer to look alike a cute  mouse rather than a spooky zombie!


So, this was all about the top 15 Halloween looks for a perfect Halloween night. Share it with your friends and help them in choosing a perfect outfit for the day. Till then Happy Halloween girls!

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