25+ College Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

college halloween costume ideas for couplesHalloween is right at your doorsteps and you still are thinking to experiment something new for a couple Halloween party! Buck up girl and don’t depend upon your boyfriend to give some ideas as boys are really bad at it.

Here is the list that highlights the most amazing funny puns costumes to the ever shining iconic couples to make you look best for your college Halloween party.

25+ college Halloween costume ideas for couples:

1. Scooby-Doo Costume

Remember these iconic duo Scooby and shaggy from the famous Scooby doo series? They gave us a lot of amazing childhood memories. It’s time to relive them again.

2. NHL Player and Trophy Costume

A hockey player along with his trophy! This could be something really good if your boyfriend is a hockey lover or is a hockey player.

Image Credit: @getdatinghelp

3. Minnie and Mickey Mouse

No one can beat Mickey and Minnie when it comes to dress up like a cute couple who cannot live without each other. A black crop top with an amazing polka dot Minnie skirt and a bow hair band can do wonders!

4. Peter Pan and Wendy:

Here is the costume right from our childhood memories when Peterpan and Wendy were the most amazing couple we used to admire!

5. Cookie Monster Costume

Are you a cookie monster? Then a cute monster dress with a white printed cookie t-shirt can work for you guys!

6. Lady’s man Superman Costume

Your boyfriend won’t be less than a superman for you. So it is the best way to showcase his super power to the whole world!

7. Skull Costume

You would surely be having your favorite black dress at home all you need is some great artistic makeup skills to opt this Halloween costume idea!

8. Astronaut and Alien 

Looking for an easy-peasy couple costume idea that will make you look out of this world? LMAO try this!

Image Credit: @its_juls Instagram

9. Mario and Luigi 

A  super cool dress that will take you to your childhood days when Mario was the only video game that made it better! You can also tag your team so that you all can dress up like super Mario warriors!

10. Wonder Woman’s Man Costume:

It’s high time to show your man that you are not less than his favorite marvel wonder women! This is an iconic dress and you can easily get from the nearby stores without any hustle.

Image Credit: @ryucplay Instagram

11. Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle

A perfect costume idea for the college couple who never wants to grow up! And I can bet many of the college couples won’t have thought about it.

Image Credit: @source

12. Deer and Hunter

Does your boyfriend love hunting? Then be his deer for tonight and let him hunt you!

Image Credit: @source

14. Bunny basketball Players

Want to look cool as well as cute? Then this costume idea is surely for you. Take out your basket ball dress and buy some cute bunny hair bands that can go with your dress!

15. Tacky Tourists Costume

Love to explore world with your love? Then you surely cannot find anything better than this and the best part is it is easy, pocket-friendly and quite innovative!

Image Credit: @an.lauron Instagram

16. Carrot and Bunny

A simple orange color dress and a carrot hair band can make you look like you bunny’s favorite food!

Image Credit: @ccamilacs Instagram

17. Cop and Robber

Are you caught in his love? Then you can try this cop and robber dress that is unique and amazing.

Image Credit: @source

18. Salt and Pepper 

This is something very innovative. Not just creative this costume would be insanely cheap. All you have to do is get black and white t-shirts and paint letter S and P on it.

Image Credit: @source

19. Curious George Costume

Classy as well as goody! Here is a costume that will directly take you to your innocent childhood days.

Image Credit: @livvysweets Instagram

20. The Joker and Harley Quinn

A perfect idea to show how psycho and goofy you are! Full of colors and artistic makeup, this dress gives some amazing couple goals.

21. Aladdin and Jasmine

Inspired from the latest Aladdin movie, this is one of the best Disney couples I would prefer to dress up like!

Image Credit: @source

22. Corona with a Side of Lime

Isn’t it a perfect dress for the hardcore beer lovers? And your boyfriend would surely love to see you dress up in his favorite beer costume.

Image Credit: Source

23. Justin and Britney in Denim on Denim 

What about dressing like this iconic couple? Means dress is super cool, comfortable and you don’t have to apply heavy make-up and still can look one of the best Halloween couple out of all!

24. Sully and Boo

Did you see how easy it is to dress up like a pro without wasting plenty of money? A simple long pink t-shirt and a blue t-shirt painted with purple polka dots can make you look like the iconic couple Sully and Boo.

25. Pooh and Christopher Robin

Can someone match the cuteness level of Winnie the pooh? Well! I guess you can.

Image Credit: @source

26. Incredible Costume

An incredible couple costume from the movie incredible! This super cool dress can be one of the best Halloween couple costume for evening!

So, these were some amazing college Halloween costume ideas. If you liked them don’t forget to share with your friends so that they could also have something amazing for the event of their life!

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